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Hey There!

I see you. You're a pro at what you do and you can provide seriously awesome results for your clients, but your brand and website is telling another story. You're in the right place! Whether you need a total overhaul or some tweaking to make your brand and website shine, I'm here for you! 

Hello, I'm Elyeeka and I help female online entrepreneurs project their uniqueness through their Brands and Website so they can stand out make competition irrelevant and establish their authority online.


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Website Design

BRAND AND Website Design

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Some of my works

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My clients say...

I enjoyed working with Elyeeka, she was very helpful in her communication. Not once did I feel like I never knew what was going on. She was on top of everything and was listening to my vision every step of the way.

My website right now has gotten so much love and support from people all over. I’ve been able to build my clients up even more due to having a professional website! It’s user-friendly, clean, fashionable and professional! I can honestly say that now I have even more confidence in myself and business! I am totally looking forward to future goals for my business!
— Nephataria Wright
Elyeeka is ridiculously smart, creative, ambitious and organized. She is wonderful to work with, super professional and has been my cheerleader throughout this web design process. The woman is just great all-round!
— Thena Luu, Love and Liberation Co
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Our Community

Our community lives to help ambitious creatives all over the world to build businesses and lives that spark their creativity, fulfill them, give them the freedom they need and position them financially to make a change in their world. #bomb is our way of expressing our "daringness" and "unapologeticness" in embracing who we are, standing up for what we believe and leveraging our life's experiences and personhoods to create the lives and business we truly deserve.

#bomb stands for mindblowing epicness. #bombandbold stands for being unapologetic about it. Are you #bombandbold?