For purposeful ambitionistas stepping up to build bomb businesses and lives.

Online business tips + Squarespace website design 

Get Tips to start and grow your online business + A customized website in 10 business days. 


So you want a new site but you don't know where to begin with all the planning?
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For Purposeful Ambitionistas stepping up to build bomb businesses and lives

Hey there !

I'm Elyeeka, your new self proclaimed business buddy/bestie and I'm so stoked to have you here! I'm a Squarespace Website Designer and Entrepreneur and I'm here to help you project every piece of your awesomeness through your business. I create clean, professional websites that are also pretty, custom made and high converting. Did you also say you need biz tips to help you start + grow you online business? Welcome! You're in the right place.

Your website could build trust and be your 24hr salesperson if crafted strategically and correctly

Having a bad website = not stepping up to boldly present what you have to offer + leaving money on the table.

Get a custom clean, professional and gorgeous website in just 10 business days. You go plan the launch party and leave all the tecchy stuff for moi. That's right. Who said a new website has drive you insane?

This library contains guides, checklists, planners, photos, worksheets  and other goody resources to help you grow your online biz + spice up your website + your life. It's for free yo,  don't wait another minute!

This is where the real party is at! We go into details with tips, tricks, tutorials and lessons to spice up your website and to help you create a bomb business and life. Life? yes! Your personal growth will be the factor that triggers exponential business growth. Who wants stress and insecurities with more money? Here you get the resources to help you become a well rounded #bombbusinessowner so you can create and enjoy the life and freedom you dream of.


Hey go- getter!

You know you have a message to share and solutions to provide in this online world. You know that one more day of pretending you're this insignificant normal person will drive you nuts. You know your true place is to be a #bombbusinessowner. You also know that now is the moment to start. Maybe you've already started out but something's missing. Whatever the situation is, you've done your homework and you know you need an affordable online space aka really pretty/cool, highly profitable website.


 This is where I come in new friend.


In just ten (10) business days, my friend, you'll be ready to launch your own, custom made, flippin' awesome website! You totally read that right.

How's that you ask? Because in I take just one website project at a time. You know what that means, right? Exactly! you've got my full attention through to when your site is ready. Questions, design changes, Skype calls, tutorials and freebies you need to have an amazing launch? I'm all yours new bestie.

Launching a new website doesn't have to be stressful. Get to setting up the fun stuff while I create a breathtaking new online home for you!





Get a Gorgeous Website 10 Biz Days!


Annd Bonus!

 I promise I'm not that creepy but if you're thinking, Elyeeka I know this launch is all fun stuff, but what happens next with my business after I have a banging launch?. I don't want to just be a one hit wonder, I wanna serve people and make a career I love outta that. Hakuna Matata! I've got you every step of the way. 

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Our community lives to help ambitious creatives all over the world to build businesses and lives that spark their creativity, fulfill them, give them the freedom they need and position them financially to make a change in their world. #bomb is our way of expressing our "daringness" and "unapologeticness" in embracing who we are, standing up for what we believe and leveraging our life's experiences and personhoods to create the lives and business we truly deserve.

#bomb stands for mindblowing epicness. #bombandbold stands for being unapologetic about it. Are you #bombandbold?