For purposeful ambitionistas stepping up to build bomb businesses and lives.
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The Elyeeka Brand is here to help you step up into who you are and project that epicness into your life and your business. Why? Because fierce competition comes with mediocrity, but you my darling are #bomb and you have a lot to offer, be bold about it!
— Elyeeka

For How long are you going to keep pretending that you're this average person who's okay with settling for little and living an okay life? How long will you keep acting like you want to do business, just so you could have a little share of the zillions of dollars that are currently in circulation.

You know you want more. You are more. Heck let's stop being modest about it for a second because in truth, you want it all because you're the whole freaking package - but you don't feel like that all the time-  but you are, and that's why you feel stuck with the what ifs and if onlys...

If only you could get your mindset right, only if you could put in more work, if only you knew where to start with the tons of information out there, if only you had someone who understands, what if people find out you're not that much of an expect after all? What are people going to say? 

You see, it's excuses like this that keep you settling. I know, because I've been there one too many times and it's not pleasant. Really. So I'll give you advice, I'm your new bestie, right? Good. Tough love.

So Dear Purposeful Ambitionista,

Step Up! It’s amazing how when you make that decision things change. I’m here to help you along this journey.

This is the time to embrace all the facets of yourself - the fire of your ambition, your urge to be independent, your passion to make a difference, your need to be understood, the firmness in your voice, the fact that you don't know it all yet, your thirst to discover worlds unknown, everything that makes you you, contradicts society's norms and even the things make people ask you tone it down - like when you talk about the things you love nonstop. The truth is there are people out there waiting for you, and they many not necessarily be the people you have around you, so step up, you've got work to do!

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What does that mean for your Website and your Business?

That means you won't have to hide behind a badly written and designed website anymore. That means you want to project who you are into your brand and project the quality that you bring to the table through your website, because you know the long slow route of DIY isn't really for you now that you're ready to invest in yourself and your business.

You're ready to make a connection with your audience and build trust. You're ready to make bank $$ and take your business to the next level and you need a website that can convert your visitors into paying clients and referrals. If so, this is for you.



What does stepping up mean for your life?

It means you're willing to put more intention and focus to get you where you want to be. You just don't want to be rich or have a good business.

You want to be whole, well rounded. You want to become the fullness of who you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, you want to be so whole you exude the aura of power and confidence because you deserve all that.

You want to serve from a centered place. I've got you new bestie. On our blog, there are personal growth resources to help you get started with being well rounded and yes, there are resources in the library for you as well, because your bank account will grow when your worth increases. It’s true.

What if I don't have an online business yet?

Oh I'm glad you mentioned because this is for you as well. I'm here to share with you strategies, tutorials, tips, tricks and whole lot more to help you start and grow your online business. Not just tons of overwhelming info - because that thing is super annoying – but information that organized and actionable.

Together with a community of like minded Ambitionistas, we’ll invest in and educate ourselves to increase our value as individuals, grow your brand and bank account and make a difference in the world with your authenticity.



Our Community

Our community lives to help ambitious creatives all over the world to build businesses and lives that spark their creativity, fulfill them, give them the freedom they need and position them financially to make a change in their world. #bomb is our way of expressing our "daringness" and "unapologeticness" in embracing who we are, standing up for what we believe and leveraging our life's experiences and personhoods to create the lives and businesses we truly deserve.

#bomb stands for mindblowing epicness. #bombandbold stands for being unapologetic about it. Are you #bombandbold? 

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Welcome to our new online space new bestie! I'm thrilled to have you here, and I'm definitely looking forward to crushing business goals and making things happen with you!

The world will take you at your own estimate, be bold about what you bring to the table!
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Meet The Brain Behind The Brand

Hi! I’m Chelsea Tehillah Elyeeka Ewurajoa Richson and you guessed right, I prefer to go by the name Elyeeka. I’m a SquareSpace Website Designer and Blogger and I’ve been featured on a couple amazing sites including TheFemaleHustlers and If could spend an entire day talking about one thing; it’ll be business, being “boss” and new things I learnt from the books I bury my head in when I’m not working. On the more fun side, If I could live on just one meal, it’ll be pizza and coffee- Caramel Corretto actually, I don’t know how that works but I’ll eat it all day long. I’ve been crushing on red wine lately, let’s just see how that goes. My two favorite words are "bomb" and
"amazing", so you'll tend to see them around here a lot for sure :) I love all things travel, adventure and meeting new like-minded and higher-minded individuals.  What else? The rest will come as we get to know each other better.