5 Things Successful Business Owners Do Everyday

One of the most liberating truths that I’ve found on my journey of business and growth that has made a lot of difference in my life is:

Success leaves clues, go find them out

I’d never forget how peaceful I felt when I heard Tony Robbins say that.
Brian Tracy put it in a much simpler way:

If you do what successful people do over and over, you will get the same results, but if you refuse to do what successful people do, nothing can help you.
Things Successful people do everyday

This made me feel like I was no longer alone on my journey and that I could seek guidance from those who have gone ahead of me and be assured that if I replicate basic steps, I could be successful too. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always known I wanted to have my own kind of phenomenal success marked by my own name, but I understood that there were fundamental principles that needed to be followed if I was to be successful.

Think about it like this. You and I, different in many ways yet we do certain basic things to keep us alive and going, like eating and sleeping. If we ignore the basic rules, we won’t be healthy or living long enough to decide how fashionable or branded we want to be. I decided to find out for myself the things that successful people did so I could get started on that path.

Much to my pleasure, I realized that a lot of research had already been done on the subject. Soon I had over a fifty different things I was to do to be successful. My excitement and eagerness began to fade into overwhelm, anxiety and insecurity because not only were the things I had to do plenty, but I also felt like I had too many bad habits and such a negative mindset that I couldn’t see myself doing them. Anyone felt like that?!  

So I called a big timeout and decided I was going to do two things: simplify and get started with the things I could do to be successful. First I was going to find out the ones that run through almost all the successful and influential people I read about and second I was going to start with those things I could incorporate into my day. This was because I believe that the most important things would run through the actions of different successful people and I also believe in the power of daily routines. I very much believe in the saying that

“the secret of your future and the key to your success lies in your daily routine”

Here are five things your day should include if you want to be successful:


1. Develop a Morning Routine

This is basically a series of activities or tasks that you do in the morning to set the tone for your day. I have come to find that;

the key to a productive day is to start it the right way

So definitely select activities that energize and inspire you to do what you have to do well. Most successful people wake up early and perform these activities with intention so they can have their best possible day. I created a morning routine for myself by waking up early, saying a prayer, brushing my teeth, taking a cold bath, moisturizing my skin and hair, journaling, having a healthy breakfast, meditating, checking my schedule again and getting right to work. Sometimes I like to have a drinkable breakfast so I journal while I drink it. If you can keep this going for at least a month, you can keep it going for as long as you please.

It might also help to know that most of these successful people exercise in the mornings as part of their morning routines, and plan the night before or a week in advance what a particular day would be like. Currently I don’t exercise in the mornings, in the night I do that after I have decided what my day would be like the next morning, and then take my bath and read after, but that’s (exercising) twice a week at most for me. I recommend that you carefully select each activity based on what you know it helps you achieve or makes you feel in terms of motivation, clarity and energy and then you can add or subtract as time goes on depending on what works and what doesn’t.


2. Be Mindful

Basically, mindfulness is living in the present moment and being fully aware of your surroundings. Science has proved how powerful this is, how immensely beneficial it is to all who practice it and encourages all who don’t to give it a try! Successful people are definitely proof that this works. Tim Ferriss has said that out of all the successful people he has interviewed, more than eighty per cent of them practise mindfulness. Three of the ways you can practise mindfulness are daily meditation, mindful thinking and journaling. Benefits of mindfulness include reducing stress and depression, improving your emotional intelligence, focus, creativity and general well-being, just to mention a few. I recommend that you start small and try to incorporate it into your morning routine like most successful people do so you can boost your confidence about your consistency concerning mindfulness.


3. Read, Learn and Practise

Successful people understand that reading can do some real serious damage to ignorance and they make sure invest time daily to read. It is no secret that Bill Gates reads fifty books a year and Elon Musk learnt how to build rocket ships by reading books.

Master your craft

No matter their fields or level of success, successful people make sure to learn something new each day from the things they read, from the things that happen to them or other people and things they engage in. This makes them grow and become better day by day. Successful people all of world agree and share that daily growth is key to success. Also, no matter what field, successful people make sure to practice or engage in an activity that help them sharpen their talents, strengths or their arts. They know that when it comes to being the best at something, daily practice and consistency is highly essential.

Things Successful people do everyday. Assess yourself daily. elyeeka.com


4. Self assessment and Gratitude

Because successful people know the importance of growing and getting better everyday, they assess themselves frequently. They look out for what they did wrong, try to improve or correct it and what they did right so they do more do more of it. This is important because sometimes you’re the toxic person or the one being mean. 

Sometimes what you’re doing might be hindering you from progress. Some ways you can assess yourself include journaling and asking those who are close to you. How I assess myself when I journal is simple. I ask myself and write down how my day went or a how major task in my day went. Then I write down all the things I did right in the day or with the task and the things I didn’t do right. Then I ask myself how I can better tackle it in the future. This is a truly enlightening process and I definitely recommended it. It’s also advisable to have people around you who can tell you the truth about yourself and the actions you take.

Encourage the people around you to be honest with you and listen to them and the constructive criticisms they may offer. Another thing successful people don’t go a day without is gratitude. Being grateful helps us to see how blessed we are with all the things we have in our lives, and opens doors for more things to flow into our lives. It also fulfils us and makes us generally happier with life. This has changed my life and my perspective so much as an individual. 

Writing down in detail five things you’re grateful for everyday for thirty days will change your life and make you a happier person and successful people know and practice this.


5. Work towards a goal

It’s no secret successful people are revered for their success because they have been successful at something. That’s not to say they were successful at everything they did, but there’s definitely one they were consistently successful at. They’re always working towards their goal, and they put in the work for it everyday. This is the price they pay for success. If you’re a student, it might be studying everyday to achieve a certain grade or enter a certain class or school. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll be working by performing the actions that would get you to your goal by consistently giving value. If you’re not sure where to start. Write down where you see yourself in the next three years, and what you want to achieve in six months. 

What do you have to do to reach that goal?

Even if its saving money, do something every single day that will get you there. You might not see the results overnight but that’s okay. It almost never happens in real life. Tony Robbins said,

when you see someone that’s successful, they’re being rewarded publicly for the things they’ve done millions of times.

Come to think about it; it’s not such a bad thing. You get to perfect your work, make all your mistakes and prepare yourself so that you can have lasting success. I always say this, because I learnt it the hard way, “Do something that helps you progress everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s slow progress or small progress. Forward is forward.

Incorporate these into your daily routine and you’d start seeing results in no time. All the best in your quest to be successful.

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Your Turn! Which of these activities are you going to incorporate into your morning routine from now on? What is your biggest takeaway? Leave a comment in the comment section below!