5 Tips To Stay Consistent

Anyone who has set goals or been part of challenges knows that one time you  motivated then all of a sudden the excitement dies. Pretty frustrating huh? We all have those times; I've had many of them myself. The truth is, its all a part of your growth and this strengthens your ability to keep going even when you fail a 100 times.
If you're experiencing the terrible frustration that comes with falling behind on your goal, don't beat yourself up. The fact that you're actually reading this post right now is evidence of your resilience and perseverance. And yes, I'm serious. I know how it feels because I've been there too many times. Usually we are too hard on ourselves. It's okay to fall sometimes, it makes us learn. So take a deep breath queen, because your determination to crush that goal has paid off and now you're about to find out the five things you can do to stay consistent. I promise to keep this post short and straight to the point. The best way to slay a goal is with a smile so you better get some practice because you'll be crushing that goal soon :) Okay cool. Let's get right into it!

Elyeeka - 5 tips to stay consistent

1. Have a compelling 'why'

Usually the reason why you'd fall behind on your goals is you don't know exactly why you need accomplish that goal, and when you do, it isn't big enough to 'pull' you along. Why do you need to make that grade? Why do need to have that job? Why do you need that body?Why is there no other option for you than to have it? Come up with all reasons why you cannot not have that thing you want so bad. Think of why you deserve it, how hard you've worked for it, all the people you'll make proud, how happy you'll be yourself. Select the biggest 'why'. The one that compels and excites you the most. Then write it and put it where you'll always see it. It could be your phone's wall paper or screen saver, or you could put on your fridge or your wall, whatever that works for  you, but make sure you'll see it many times a day to remind your self about that goal that needs crushing. You can also write a letter to yourself with a list of things that will happen when you crush the goal, the goal, how you'll feel when it's done, thank yourself for not letting yourself down and bring that resilient, perseverant, brave, amazing person you know you are. Make sure you feel good and look forward to accomplishing that goal by the time you're done writing it. Read that letter to yourself every morning, put it where you'll be seeing it often it and read it to remind yourself of how amazing how it will be when you crush that goal and more importantly, that you can do it!


2. Find an accountability partner

If you're like me, the idea of having someone share your journey with you to help you keep your commitment will make you cringe and feel embarrassed and inadequate at first but trust me it's not so bad. I know, I know. You want to crush that goal so bad but you don't want to feel like you're not disciplined enough to do it on your own. You want to be independent and self disciplined not have to allow someone else into your journey before you can accomplish your goals. But hey, look at it this way, this person who you choose will help you on those days where the only thing you can think about is how to get out of bed. A good accountability partner will push you when you're on the verge of giving up, will keep you from being distracted, will become your emotional support, will celebrate milestones with you( it's always better to have one extra person at the party right? :) ) Speaking of parties, they will get you excited about your goals, will let you know when you're doing something wrong and help you find ways to better yourself and your methods and you won't want to let them down so you'll work harder and faster. It's definitely worth trying at least right? I highly recommend you choose someone you're comfortable with and who is brutally honest, understanding and equally excited about your goal and has time on their hands for you. Whether you decide to meet them online or in person, set a time every week, to meet them so you can assess your week with them, see what's working, what is  not and how to get better and closer to your goal. It's definitely a plus to choose someone who's aiming for something similar or the same thing. Healthy competition is always  a good idea!


3. Put off procrastination

If you feel like procrastinating on something, tell yourself you'll do five minutes of the task. You will find yourself wanting to do more. Another trick is not to to think when it's time to do what you have to do. For example, if you're planning on waking up at a certain time, when the alarm goes off, don't give your self time to think, just get up and get to the next task. Don't worry about how you'll be able to get through thirty days of the challenges or how you'll keep going to reach the goal. Take one day at a time, and trust me, you'll be fine if you do what you have to do today, and only today. Also, remember that 'done is better than perfect'. If you're looking for the perfect time or the time when you're ready, you'll never get stuff done dear friend. It's easy to decide that you're in the flow and work for so many extra hours non stop. *Not taking breaks a the sweets tempting way to burnouts that cause procrastination in the long run* Come on that deserves to be tweeted! :)


4. Find your triggers

What are the things you can't go a day without doing? Do a task or step to your goal whenever you do those things. Let's say you're trying to read a book and take care of your skin, you can decide to read a chapter of that book every night before you sleep or drink a healthy smoothie every morning after you brush your teeth. It's easier to remember to do a task that way because your triggers are things you do everyday without fail and stacking your triggers with new habits will definitely help you be consistent, especially if your main reason for falling behind is that you genuinely forget to do the next step. It can be the simplest of things. I once had this necklace I loved so much and I found that I kept touching it. I decided to say one thing I was grateful for every time I touched it. This helped me become more grateful and mindful.


5. Use reminders and rewards

This is my favorite way to keep track of goals. I usually have a card up on my wall with numbers that match the number of days I'm trying to do something or that it will take me to accomplish my goal, and cross it out as I go. I find it fun to do this because I feel proud at the progress I'm making each day. I love making progress each day, no matter how small it is. I also like doing countdowns and putting up reminders on my phone and my laptop. You can put a number of bracelets on your wrist  and switch them to the other wrist one by one until the number of tasks or the number of times you want to accomplish the task is done. I once made this bracelet with removable charms and little fun toys and a partition, I was trying to more grateful then, so whenever said something I was grateful for, I moved one charm to the other side. Get creative with this because its a fun way to stay consistent. Pinky promise! Also, don't forget to give yourself a treat at the end. Whether it's a massage at the spa, that shoe you can't stop thinking about or a day the beach. Give yourself a treat in the end, and make it something you look forward to! Keep a positive mind, you can do everything you set your mind to.

Diclaimer: I originally posted this On The Female Hustlers as 5 Tips To Stay Consistent.

I hope you find these tips helpful and you  get back on track every time you fall behind. How do you stay consistent? Which of these tips do you find most helpful? Tell me about it in the comments section below!