For Women Who Are Working And Waiting On Their Dreams

Today is the first of a new month and while I'm grateful for being alive I am very much aware that my launch is three months behind. "1st of June" I answered as I beamed when anyone asked when I was going to launch my much talked about business. Now it's the third month after that and there's nothing to show for it. Behind my desk now, I'm frustrated and drained.
 I'm doing everything I know I have to do as hard as I know I can. I set the goals, try to cultivate the habits, have some success, and then I fall behind on it and have to start all over again. I'm really trying as hard as I can. I'm writing, I'm reading, I'm picking up free courses to master my art since I do not have any money and I'm not allowed to earn any apart from my allowance. My allowance is not forthcoming because of issues at home and there's barely internet connection nowadays. How can I build my digital empire without internet connection?

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Together with my family, I await a large sum of money by the end of this month. It was supposed to come months ago but hopefully it's almost here. In that money, lies my breakthrough money to get my life going.  It is in that money I get just enough capital for my business, which ought to thrive; because apart from the fulfillment of helping people with my story, my education depends on whether I can make enough profit. There is no one to speak to or run to for help. To some people, I'm being foolish by trying to aim high in this environment. To others, which are quite a lot, my status as motivation is becoming big as the days go by because of the prestige that comes with entrepreneurship. To me, I'm just a passionate girl preparing myself, waiting in the wings on my time to be in the spotlight and play my role as help to people. But its hard. No one understands that these are not excuses, they are my reality. I'm picking up my pieces trying to fight hard and on, but now, I sit behind this desk. I'm falling apart. 

I know I'm going to get there. I know my story will inspire many. I know I could bring great things to the table and be independent and wealthy and exemplary with a breathtaking epic life but this period of waiting is hard.

Wait. What if I got this all wrong? Yes there is nothing wrong with me and yes it will take time for me to see it and get all I'm working hard towards. But what if I'm doing this "waiting" thing wrong? Or I'm not doing it well enough? I'm not looking at it the right way. This is the only chance I get between wanting and achieving. This is where I master my art and prepare myself for all the things I have asked for. So what now? What if I get the successful business with amazing income and epic lifestyle? Can I handle it? Will it last for Me? Well I'm not sure. I'm not happy now, what shows I will be then? I can't follow through my daily goals and change all my wrong habits and negative mindset, how can I maintain that much success. I can't be optimistic in these times. I've read all the things my role models did to be where they are. Success leaves clues. Have I done enough to merit that kind of success I'm hoping for even with far more than my role models had when they were starting out? The answer is no. What better time do I have to do these things than my period of "waiting". They say I should relax and trust the timing of my life. Here are four things I'm going to do with my waiting period now that I have understood I can make the best of it having already been clear about where I want to be in my given years.

1. I'm going to stop talking to certain people about my goals.

I have found that I'm talking too much to many people about where I want to be and how I'm 'hustling' or 'grinding' to be where I want to be in so and so years, and this is creating an unnecessary pressure on me as the days go by. When people ask how work or 'the grind' is, it's hard explaining that I'm still writing or reading or learning while I'm getting money to start my business or get that goal. Its frustrating and confusing. I'm wondering if they think I'm just being lazy or being like those who are just talking about entrepreneurship doing nothing. My inability to post or show up due to lack of internet connection is making people lose interest because I can't be consistent, and I'm really trying hard by moving place to place to get connection. But hey, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors and I'm not obliged to tell them if they are not contributing to my goal. I'm not obliged to live up to anyone's expectations. It's not a competition. I don't have to run to outpace my friends who seem to be getting there, and now, I release myself from the expectations of people and comparisons holding me back.


2. I'm going to enjoy the process.

No. I'm going to relish it. No more looking back at the days that I wasted by not being able to accomplish my goal earlier. I'm going to be grateful for the opportunity I have to prepare myself for what I want. I have come to understand two things about life; until the lesson is learnt, the test will not go away and I get what I prove capable of handling. Now that I have found the lesson in this test, I will practice gratitude each day. I will learn to love each step of the way and each activity of the day. I will cultivate the habit of being excited about the little things and being excited about the big goal. I will visualize. I will dream big and feel good in the now and I will work hard. I will take good care of myself. By the time my goals are reached, I should've have had fun. I will read this statement often to remind me to commit to this till it is done.


3. I will take advantage of the process of becoming successful called this period of waiting.

I will embrace it. I will refuse to run from anything that appears on my path, whether its the fear, or excitement, or disappointment or tiny achievements or other feelings over other things in my life. I will accept it, and use it to discover more about myself and my situation. I will use it to better myself. I will seek opportunities to better myself, others and get closer to my goal. I will learn. I will practise and master my art and develop my style every single day. I will take this process, and I will turn it into a masterpiece. This is what I do. I don't give up. I don't stop. I'm stubborn about this and I will not rest till I excel and achieve.


4. I will learn from the process.

I understand that everything that happens is part of the process and I could learn from it. I will look at things differently and I will find ways to improve myself and my life from things that happened. I understand that though I am not where I would be if I achieved the goal,being where I am has something to teach me and I will pay attention and find the lessons in the seemingly small things. I will write them down and constantly go over so I do not forget and make them entrenched in me. I will do regular self edits. I will assess my day, my self, my situation and my journey regularly and i will remove or add things to get me closer to my goal. Everyday, in every way I will get better, and I will move forward even if its an inch.


Now your turn. What are the steps you can take everyday to make sure that while you work to build your empire, you make the most of the process? Tell us in the comments below!