How I Create Gorgeous Websites In 10 Biz Days!

I get a lot of eyebrows raising in disbelief, surprise or even suspicion when I tell my potential clients I can get their website ready to be launched in 10 business days. Well this is because a typical web design studio takes about 4 to 8 weeks for a single project and multiple projects taken on at the same time.

In my web design studio, the focus is getting up a gorgeous, high converting website (a website that turns visitors into customer/friends) for my client with a stress-free process that allows them to quickly get to

·          more fun things like planning a launch party

·         more important things like running their business

 by giving them, and only them my attention for 10 biz days.

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 If this is your first time on this website, this might come as a surprise to you. It's totally possible though, and that's what I do - get you ready to launch in 10 business days! In this post, I'm going to lay all my cards on the table and describe to you how I create gorgeous websites for my clients in the shortest time possible.


Before anything else, it’s absolutely important that I give credit to the pioneer of the two-week design process, the wonderful Lauren Hooker of Elle and Co.  Her proposed design process was an amazing starting place to for me. Now I've modified it to be more convenient for me and my clients and it works really well. Now that we have that out of the way, let's get this started. (insert dancing lady emojis)


Consult Call + Inquiry

Despite all the information on my website, I still find that potential clients prefer to get on a call so they can ask questions and get certain things clear depending on their project. They fill the inquiry form on the Work With Me page and book the call which usually lasts for up to 30 minutes. I use this opportunity to get to know them and their business, what exactly they require in their projects, go over the client process if they're still not clear and decide if we're a good fit.


After all this is done, they can go ahead and officially book their spot with me. Bookings require an initial 50% of the price to secure their spot. The other 50% will be paid when the project is done, just before the site goes live. They also receive upon booking, a website content planner which they help them plan their website and prepare all their content (text, images) before the project begins. This is required due to the short time frame of the project and prevents any delays. During this time, they can email me anytime during work hours for help. 


Ready, set, the 10 biz day process + the extra fun stuff begin...

First Week

Monday morning

We get on a fun video call over a cup of coffee or wine which is totally optional but not such a bad idea:)

This is where you get your welcome packet which will give you all the guidelines to enable the process run without hitches or any delays. All the text and images (which are prepared beforehand), the third-party logins and the website planner which I provide before the start date are made available on the day before the call. We review the planner and all the information presented and make corrections where necessary. When everything's in place, I leave you to get back to planning your launch!

Whether it's a physical or virtual launch party, you get free tips and a checklist to make your launch even more stress-free and fun!


Tuesday to Friday.

The only thing you get to worry about is what type of cake you want as I do all the techy stuff for you. I make sure to go according to all we have agreed on and the standards of professional website design. I also make sure to that your website is optimized for search engines like Google and Pinterest and also optimized to turn your visitors into customers/friends.

Late Friday, I'll send you a link to your website so you view it while you're all cozied up and sipping that glass of wine. You can make edits now - as many as you can, and tell me what you want.


Week 2

Monday to Friday

We meet again! Now let's chit-chat as we do all the tweaking there is to be made. Of course, you can tweak as many times as you want to during this period. Maybe you can also fit the clothes for the party :)



We get on a "Get savvy with your new site call. Here I'll teach you how to update your websites with blog posts, images, videos etc. on your own. Yes yes. This means that I won't charge you any extra fee for maintenances since you can do the basic and most important things yourself!

After the call, I'll send you the invoice so can pay the remaining 50%. You get the link and admin invites when payment is confirmed.

I find that the two biggest things that make the website design process a long one are;

1.       Lack of content beforehand or the "fill in as you go" process
2.       Lack of a proper website plan in place.

To make sure that my clients' process is optimized to meet the 10 biz day goal, I have prepared a blog post to walk you through planning your website content and I created a free planner to go with it. I require that all my clients gather all their content before the process starts and what better way to make the process easy than free planner /fun sheets!
 (just because worksheets sound boring and not nearly as sexy!) Want to build your own site but don't know where to start with the planning? Get the Website Planner Here!

Don't have the time to build your site asap? Get it done for you in 10 Biz Days!