Wouldn't it be amazing if every single time you create a product or offer a service there's always a long line of people ready and excited, cash-in-hand to receive and buy from only you because they love, cherish, and loyally support your business?

Well, that's not far-fetched, it's totally possible; especially when you're creating the very things your audience wants or needs so bad, created with them in mind, with lots of attention, thought and love. You can imagine that a business owner who creates this way enjoys her business and will almost never run out of business. I can tell you for sure doing an exercise based on this thought has totally changed the direction of my business for the better if not best!

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One Thing That Made A Whole Lot Of Difference In My Business, is being clear on my dream client and creating an ideal client avatar. A what? Wait Elyeeka, how did it make a difference and how did you do it. I hear you my friend. If you stick with me, I'll show you.

Just to be clear. An Ideal Client is the same as a Dream Client. I tend to use them both interchangeably.


An Ideal Client is one person you'd love to work with every single time; which is usually known as your 'target market', just that this time it's one single person.

Your Ideal Client Avatar is the character or a mini biography of the person you'd love to work with. Your ICA could be based on an imaginary person, someone you worked with before that you really enjoyed or even yourself. The aim of the ideal client avatar is to know your target audience really well by exploring the characters, thoughts, and the different facets of who they are so that you can create and market content, products and services to them in a way that actually caters to them, and they are guaranteed to buy from you.

Understanding that one person who represents your target market thoroughly will help prevent you from creating content, products and services that are 'normal' boring and generic because your marketing will not target everybody. It will also help to prevent you from violating the important rule of effective marketing that says "If you're talking to everyone, you're talking to nobody" Let's not even go far. In real life, we know that it's impossible to try to please everyone, and if you try, you'll end up pleasing no one.

But Seriously. Why do you really need an Ideal Client Avatar?

If this isn't the first time you're reading a post written by me, you've most likely heard me say before that one thing that increases the chances of your business succeeding is knowing and understanding that the heart of every business is people, specifically the one it serves or seeks to serve.

Just like you, every buyer or potential buyer is a real human with feelings of thoughts, fears, frustration, dreams and hopes, and often times who thinks no one could ever understand them, yet crave connection with someone who does and genuinely cares for them. When they find such a  person, they feel heard, taken care of and understood which leads to them trusting and supporting that person.

If the person is a business person, your guess is right! Yes they will hand over their dollar bills in exchange of solutions, products and services. To be able to be that kind of business owner that stands out in the mind and heart of your ideal client, you need to know and understand them like your best friend- which is the essence of the Ideal Client Avatar.

Your Ideal Customer will help you;

1. Know what exactly your ideal clients want and in which ways they like it best. Say bye-bye to desperate and difficult brainstorming sessions that aims at finding what blog posts, videos, podcasts, products or service ideas to entice them.

2. Know exactly what form of marketing and how to market to attract and convince them to buy from you, because you know what words and the exact ways to get your business bestfriend to say yes to you.

3. Know where to market, because you know which social platforms your ICA uses, shops they buy from, blogs they read, people they follow etc.


1. In their minds you'll become the go-to person and first choice for the type of solution you provide because they feel you get whats’ best for them, because you do.

Admit it. There are many restaurants but you have your favorites not only because of their quality but also because you like what they serve and how you feel there. The truth is you like what they serve because it's suited to your taste. Not everyone might go there, but you will, and you'd gladly pay them anything to prepare food for you because you love it.

You also have a favorite musician, and no matter what people say, you'll gladly pay anything to watch them perform or even meet them in person. You're loyal to them.


2. You’ll be able to create and dedicate your energy to serving them.

Imagine thinking of creating, funding, producing and marketing a product for everybody. I know right! So overwhelming! Wait. Where will you start? how will it look? what colors? how will you market it? What will you say to convince  eevveerrrybody to buy from you? Wait. Do you realize you have to market everywhere? That means tonns of money spent and loads of content created!

Whew! It feels overwhelming even thinking about it and I'm quite sure that's not what you want. You want to know who you're creating for, what you're creating, how they like it and to be very sure they need and value you and your product/service enough to pay you gladly for it. You're probably thinking you'll lose a lot of money by doing this, but it's the exact opposite.

A Typical Example: Take the legendary, Marie Forleo for instance. (You know I love me some Marie Forleo!) She's a strong advocate for Ideal Clients Avatars and has talked about how it has impacted  her business. In case you didn't know, her work has impacted people all over the world, both male and female from over 160 countries in over 140 industries. She uses pink in her branding, says "girrll" and drops some F-bombs once a while but that doesn't limit her business.

In fact, it grows it, because she can narrow her focus and use all of her energy to create outstanding work. Does she reach everyone, no, not even Microsoft, Facebook or Apple reaches and resonates everyone, but they don't need to in order to run a successful, profitable, and important business. Also, guess what?! While it's obvious that her ideal client is a woman, it was a man that introduced me to her work.

3. They'll love you so much that they'll promote and refer you to people.

If it's created exactly for them, they'll love the product so much for how it solves their problems or how it suits them and they'll be thinking to themselves, "Who is this amazing lady who gets me so well. Her products and services are so perfect. I wanna support her. In fact, I'll shout about her from the rooftops!" And guess what, Studies show that 90% of people are more likely to buy from someone who was referred by a friend or family member.

So how exactly is an ICA crafted?

By grabbing a pencil/pen and your notebook, or opening a new blank document and describing the person you'll most likely love to serve in and in-depth and intentional manner then looking  at the world through their eyes. Really simple.

I have designed a simple and fun worksheet to help you with this exercise. It has prompts to help you craft and use your ideal client avatar to generate some great ideas. Get it for free here!

BUT Before you Go!

Here’s The gamechanger that rocked this gamechanger!

Now before you get confused on this one, it's obvious that merely describing someone cannot really impact your business and allow you the exponential growth you desire. What really makes the difference with this exercise is really understanding your Ideal Client thoroughly, taking a moment to step into their shoes and ACTUALLY talking to them.

So yes, when you're done with describing them in detail, try to think about what you do or the solution you provide and your entire business in their perspective. It'll help you think of things you probably never would have. Then go out and actually find someone who fits that description as best as possible and talk to them about your business, their opinions and  genuinely listen to them to find out what they think and need. You can find someone on social media or in real life that all things being equal you’d love to work with or that you'll create your products for, and actually a conversation with them happen, even if it’s an online call.

It’s also okay to start your ideal customer exercise by choosing one person in real life or on social media that you’ll love to work with or create for, getting a conversation with them and using those insights to fill your Ideal Clients Avatar.

If your ICA sounds like you because your business seeks to serve people like you. That's totally fine. I still highly recommend though that you find other people who fit in that description and talk to them. You know what they say, two heads are better than one.


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