Why hire a Squarespace Designer if Squarespace is a DIY Platform?

If there's one question I get asked often, it is  "Elyeeka, If Squarespace is a DIY platform, why should people hire you?" I find that it's a really good question that genuinely needs clarification so I'm writing this short blog post to answer it.



Before I became a designer, I was obsessed with websites. If you've read why I finally became a die-hard Squarespace fan, you've heard me say this. Going from frustrated DIY'er to Professional has had me seeing design through the lens of both sides and I've come to understand the value of Professional work. Also, as an online business owner, I've come to value time. I always require value for money, and this informs all my decisions. I always ask, "Is this choice worth the time for my clients and I, and is the value gained from it worth the investment?" This question saves me from making many decisions I'll regret later, helps me create quality content and helps me provide quality services for my clients.


So I'm going to ask you the same question. What is the value of your time and money to you?


Here are my tops reasons why you need a Squarespace designer subdivided into two; saving your time and value for your money.


Value for Your Time

I told you I've gone down the DIY part before and I can tell you that unless you're experimenting to become a website designer, it's time consuming figuring things yourself. There a lot of templates and functionalities to choose from and trying them one by one and can be lot.


 A common frustration with Squarespace DIY'ers, and I've been there, is having to restart the whole site design because they started out with the wrong template. Don't get me wrong, Squarespace templates are amazing, but each of them is crafted strategically to serve particular purposes, and good Squarespace Designers know them like the back of their palm because they've done all the experimenting for you.


If you're a business owner, and you're looking to quickly leverage your skills and knowledge to help people and get paid. You sure don't have that kind of experimenting time.



Value for your money

I get it. You're considering designing your own website. It's cheaper. No two ways about it, but dear, are you considering all the options? A good Squarespace designer isn't just interested in putting up a pretty site and adding you to their list of testimonials if you're a happy customer. Although that can be a good thing for both parties, a designer's job transcends that.


It is also your Squarespace designer's job to make sure that the ideas you have are presented to your ideal clients in a well thought out and organized manner to make sure that your awesomeness and expertise is projected to your ideal clients to convert them from site visitors to happy and even recurring clients.


Your Squarespace designer most likely has access to technical and design information you do not have. They're most likely part of a group of designers who share advanced techniques and are aware of industry best practices, psychological factors affecting site conversion rates and international rules governing designing websites.


They would be the best people to help you switch domain, optimize your site for SEO (because let's face it, a website without organic traffic from search engines like Google and Pinterest is going to be a really big problem), they're going to use the right code on your site where necessary without messing the design, make sure the flow of your site is on point and provides the best user experience for your visitors.


Here's one of my favorites. If something goes wrong after your site is complete, you'll have a more experienced friend to tend to. They'll be there to teach you what you're doing wrong and help you fix it or even fix it for you. Most designers will even help you with business strategies and tips, and let's be frank, that's a bonus that could save you time and money.


Some designers also publish blog posts about each client process on their site and that puts you before a new audience. It's a nice place to start out, who knows, you might even become good friends in the process.


So dear, are you really weighing all the options? A good Squarespace designer is worth your time and money. If you're a business owner ready to scale your business, you know that it's time to start investing in your business by hiring expert help while you focus on running your business.


If you're looking to take your website to the next level and need a website done for you asap, I can get it done for you in just 10 business days. Let's work on your masterpiece!