Why SquareSpace Is The Most Epic Option For Small Business Websites.

Yassssss! Monday morning again! As you can probably tell, I'm super excited like, well I don't even know, but I couldn't wait to get behind my desk and start writing about how amazing Squarespace is. Sigh. I'm actually so excited that I brought my notebook to my bed to write because it feels like one of those times your best friend asks about something you love and you can sense that's about to go down into a 3hr+ excited blabbering session. Yes, you guessed it right, I'm about to lay it all on you. No, not the blabbering. The good stuff.


Are you ready? Great. I've always been obsessed with since I can remember and when I decided I wanted to build an online business creating beautiful online spaces (aka websites) with no basic level tech savviness and no budget at the time, I knew that I was automatically walking down "diy" lane. Wordpress was my first choice. I got started almost immediately and I thought "Whoaaaaaa! It's such a big world in here, not very intuitive, steep learning curve, I needed a bit of coding to get a breath-taking site." Sigh. But I don't give up, I picked up coding classes. It was going to take some time to get my site up but I was prepared to wait, or so I thought for about two weeks. With the kind of inspiration and fire I had, I knew I couldn't wait to figure all the stuff out to get my brand and business out. I went ahead to try out Wix for my first website. Really easy as well, not powerful enough for me. (We'll talk about that in another post) Before I go any further, let's get this straight, everything isn't for everyone. I'm not against any platform and neither is this a post sponsored by Squarespace. I would totally recommend WordPress if you are a super tech savvy already or plan to work with a developer. It's a truly powerful platform and my amazing friend Bernard who loves complicated codes and is WordPress savvy can help you with it, BUT if you're an online business owner / entrepreneur who needs a simple, intuitive and all-inclusive powerful platform to build your online space and audience so you can quickly get to building your business and creating epic content, Squarespace is your thing. Now that we have that out of the way;

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Numberrr one!


1.     Beginner Friendly Platform.

I like to say that Squarespace is fit for the unstoppable badass entrepreneurs. You know, people like you. Despite the fact that you do not have enough experience to code your own website or build it from scratch, you won't let that stop you, and you won't stop at anything to get a gorgeous website up and build your dream business. Squarespace uses its intuitive platform plus free templates (you read that right!) to make sure that on your own, you can get a good website up. The goodness doesn't end there; Squarespace has videos to help you find your way around the platform. I wouldn't lie to you, this takes some time and some practice but hey, this platform is so easy to use, you'll get the hang of it soon! This means that in no time you'll be able update your website easily, add buttons like this

a gallery

like this or even your social media like this in no time!

instagram Block
This is an example. To display your Instagram posts, double-click here to add an account or select an existing connected account. Learn more

In my web design package, I included a 60 minutes+ live video training with my clients to help them get savvy with their own site. This also means they do not have to pay me to maintain their site because I've got them and Squarespace's got them as well. Speak of double goodness!


2.     Code-free Customizations

Let me also mention that one their own, the templates Squarespace has are totally amazing and help give you an idea of what you want your site to look like. The templates come with demos and lots of example sites. The amazing thing is that sometimes you can't tell the example site was made with that particular template because it was highly customized. If you're anything like me, you want to do your own thing, make your site really pretty in your own way and customize to suit your brand. That's okay. Squarespace with allow that even if you know nothing about code the thought of HTML, CSS and PHP make you want to hide. (Of course, if you're comfortable with code, SquareSpace has a developer mode for you.) This platform uses good drag and drop functionality plus other amazing features to allow you add almost anything and have your site almost anyway in a few clicks.


3.     Responsive, Pretty, Modern and Clean.

The problem with a DIY website is that you can almost always tell it for what it is - crafted by an amateur. That's bad business for you and even takes away your status as an expert or credible business owner because the truth is human beings are visual beings and will almost always judge you or your business by how your website looks. Unprofessional websites will tell your customers that you can't pay attention to detail and that you're not a professional yourself, and we don't want that happening right? If you're on SquareSpace, this is where you get your biggest attitude on and your chin up because Squarespace's powerful interface is optimized to make your website clean, responsive and profesh. Just shift stuff around, add pics, content blocks and no one will be able to tell you diy'ed your site.  Squarespace = profesh website and more credibility for you. Don't just take my word for it, the legendary Regina, who is an epic online entrepreneur (she loves the word 'epic' as well) says in an interview for her Go Independent Series for Infopreneurs "you really can't mess up a Squarespace site." Kelsey Baldwin, designer extraordinaire and founder of Paperandoats.com (a cool description) also says "My site's on Squarespace and I always recommend it... You can't make an ugly site in SquareSpace, you have to work really hard..." So what are you waiting for?


4.     Customer Support.

You get it. Beginner friendly, easy to customize, responsive, professional and on and on but the truth is that it's still technology and you're bound to encounter some problems. SquareSpace understands that makes sure that when you when you need help, it’s headache-free. You're not limited to forums and community answers like other platforms, SquareSpace makes available both live chat and email support that get you connected to real, friendly humans that offer you lasting solutions in a matter of minutes! Believe me I've tried! All you need to do is visit support.squarespace.com and get talking. That's it! It will also interest you to know that SquareSpace has won awards for how amazing their customer service is. Really, you're in good hands.


5.     All-inclusive platform.

Squarespace provides all the things you need to run a successful biz or blog in one place. Whether its domain, hosting, security, e-commerce, analytics, or social media integration, you don't have to worry about adding these functionalities to your website from other websites or linking two websites with code. SquareSpace has you covered. What's more, SquareSpace partners with other companies like MailChimp to make e-mail marketing easy for you as well as with Stripe and PayPal to make sure accepting payment is easy and hassle-free.


6.     SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is a big one. The rumor that SquareSpace is bad for your search engine is just what it is - a rumor. Baseless. Without an iota of truth. On super beginner level, (if that's a thing) SEO is basically making your site visible to and ranking higher on search engines such as Google and Pinterest. Squarespace allows you to customize your description with keywords that make it easy for your target audience to find you. It also allows you to rename images, create captions and creates sitemaps for you so it's easy for Google to find you. Speak of convenience.


7.     Reliable and Secure.

I love the truth. Don't care how it's put. Honest. Raw. Yes please! No matter where you build your site or where you host it, you're still prone to security issues. Having said that, SquareSpace has the best security I've seen so far. There's no need to buy third party security plug-in or worry about updates. Squarespace manages everything for you and prevents hacking vulnerabilities. When Google decided that sites should move to HTTPS which was more secure, All Squarespace users had to do was open the email Squarespace sent round to and in a few clicks their sites were updated. There we go again with ease.


8.     Easy to Move/ Import Information.

If you're thinking. "Well I'm completely sold out by this post but I'm already on another platform, I guess I'm too late then" No you're not. Squarespace makes it super easy to move your information from other platforms in a few clicks. You can link your domain from a different site and import your site/blog in minutes.


9.     Free trial.

So what are you waiting for? For 14 days you can try out SquareSpace, get savvy with it and decide if it's really for you. No, you don't need any credit card to sign up. Guess what?! When you upgrade to the paid versions and pay the annual fee, you get a free domain for an entire year! Don't start screaming yet. Did you also know I saved up to $50 dollars because my annual business plan payment came with free Google-suite which means a customized and professional email address ending with my domain (elyeeka@elyeeka.com) and all the G-suite functionalities. What was that thing we said about professionalism and credibility again? Wait. What are you still doing here? I'll wait till you get back for the last one. Go check them out already?!



Below is the SquareSpace pricing for websites.



If you're using SquareSpace, you don't need to pay for third party plug ins, hire anyone to maintain your site or even have to purchase a new domain for an entire year if you go annual. So in the long run, this is this a great option if you have a tiny budget.


Sold out but don't know where to start? Here's a guide for you!


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