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Brand Design Only.


This is the client lounge where you get to relax while you wait for our project to officially start.

To make sure I create the best designs for you, I made a questionnaire to help us get clearer on who you’re targeting and what you want to portray with your Brand Design.

Think of it like making an order for your fave meal at your fave restaurant! It’s that simple and fun!


All you have to do is;

  1. Fill the questionnaire

  2. Create a Pinterest board, pin any pretty images that appeal to you for your new brand and add me as a collaborator

  3. Sit back and pour yourself a drink.


Your BRAND Style

Now tell me how you want your site to really be. I'm at your service !


Define Your Site Style

Basic Details
Name *
Your Brand Package includes a Logo and three collateral items. Please check the three collateral items you want designs. *
In the case that you need more than three collateral items, you may select any number of additional collateral items for a flat fee of $75. Get $50 if you choose four items at a time (Pay $250 instead of $300 for any four additional collateral items)
Style Details
If your website were a person, what would their characteristics or personality be?
Special Requests

After filling this form, head over to Pinterest and pin your fave images and images that inspire your brand, then add me as a collaborator!


You're Amazing! Don't forget to pour your beautiful self a drink!


Feel free to contact me on Facebook @Elyeeka Richson

Or via email : with the subject “My Brand Design”


Let’s create your killer brand!